2021 Order Form

Thank you for supporting our farm this year.  Please read all the information below as there are changes at our farm due to the pandemic. 

The farm will be providing frozen blueberries to our customers.  There will not be any fresh available direct from the farm or at any grocery stores that carry our blueberries.

The frozen blueberries will be in ten pound boxes.  Each box will have a plastic liner to protect the berries.  The boxes are the same as the boxes we use for our fresh berries.

Please fill out the order details below and click on Submit Order.  We will email you shortly with your order details.  Please add our email (ivan@rubyredfarms.com)to your contact list first to ensure our emails get to your inbox especially if you use Gmail.  If you do not receive the confirmation email, we may not have your order.  

Here are important details for ordering and pickup this year:

Pricing is $5.50 per pound for all order sizes.  We are unable to offer our popular pricing by order size this year.  Due to the impact of the pandemic, the farm will be operating with a small percentage of our harvest due to a staff shortage.  

Frozen berries are packed in ten (10) pound boxes.

Minimum order size is 4 ten pound boxes (40 pounds).

Payment is made at time of pickup by cheque made to Ruby Red Farms or cash.

How you pick up your berries is changing this year.  You will not need to come on a scheduled pickup date.  Instead, I will email you the hours the farm will be open in September (weekdays and weekends) and you can come on a day of your choosing.  There is no need to let us know when you are coming.  I will email you around late August to let you know when the farm hours will be for pickup in the fall.

Note: Browsers like Firefox and older versions of Safari may not work with the order form below.  If you are experiencing issues with this order form, please use this link http://eepurl.com/hzvwjv or please email us to add your order details if you have any issues entering your order.