Blueberries for Your Smoothie

Ruby Red Farms is passionate about deliverying delicious organic blueberries from our farm to your smoothie.


Our berries are a great match for your smoothie and here is why:


Taste - Our blueberries are known for their delicious taste. The blueberries are handpicked at the peak of ripeness and packed with care so that you get a great taste experience each morning in your smooothie


Certified Organic - Blueberries that are grown without commercial pesticides and manufactured fertliziers.  Our berries are naturally and organically grown so only the best of Mother Nature goes into your smoothie.


Quality - We carefully farm, package and handled our berries to bring you top and consistent quality.  No wonder we are the choice for berries for artisan bakeries like Wildfire Bakery and Fol Epi Bakery.


Local - Buying local makes sense.  Good the plante and great for you.


Bulk Price - You can buy in bulk and get wholesale pricing.  We supply in bulk to you so you have blueberries at wholesales prices year round in your freezer and fridge.


Just one more step - Join our customer email list now.


Each summer you can buy direct by signing up to the our email list.  In May we will send you an email reminder a few weeks before we start taking orders.  The email will include advance notice of the day we start taking orders and ordering instructions.


A second email will be sent to you on the day we start taking order just as reminder to send in your order. We sell out each year so this is the best way for you to get your order in early.


In the off season, Ruby Red Farms is proud to offer our delicious blueberries picked at the peak of ripeness in a frozen pack. Our berries are available at Thrifty Foods, Naked Naturals and many other Island grocery stores in the Frozen Section.